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AES webinar by John Colt 21 Oct October 11, 2022

Aquacultural Engineering Society Fall 2022 Webinar Title: Comparison of nutrient costs from fish wastes and inorganic fertilizers for aquaponics systems Date: Friday, 21 October 2022, 11:00 am EST/5:00 pm CET This webinar is available to all AES members. A Zoom link will be emailed to all members 1 hour prior to the webinar. If not a member, please join the AES prior to the 21st to gain access to this presentation, as well as all past and upcoming society webinars and activities.Dr. John Colt is an expert in hatchery and aquarium… Read More

New sponsor: Pro-oceanus June 26, 2022

New AES sponsor: Pro-oceanus We are happy to announce that Pro-oceanus has joined AES as a sponsor from April 2022.They produce sensors for monitoring dissolved gas concentrations in situ. More information can be found from their websitePro-Oceanus Systems80 Pleasant StreetBridgewater, Nova ScotiaCanada B4V 1N1ph: (902) We thank them and other sponsors for supporting our society! Read More

AES webinar 21st April April 6, 2022

Webinar on Aquaponics Next AES webinar: "Aquaponics Decoupled: The Way of the Future" with Huy Tran, David Cline and Ron Malone as panelists and our BOD member Marlon Greensword as moderator on 21st Apr at 1:30 pm Central Time/8:30 pm CET Members will receive zoom link 2 hours before, so become a member today Read More

Apply for internship March 8, 2022

AES internship We are looking for Aquacultural Engineering Society Undergraduate Intern Position Type: Intern/Part-Time Majors Desired(s): Students in any major are welcome to apply. However, the following majors will traditionally align with the scope of the position: Computer and Information Sciences, Environmental Science and Sustainability, Integrative Sciences, Interactive Media, and Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (MEBA)Internship Description/Summary:  Coordinate the AES webinar series with a variety of leading sustainable seafood production experts Share the latest scientific advancements in sustainable aquaculture across the web platforms of the AES including the society’s official website and… Read More

Register for RAStech 2022 now! February 3, 2022

AES is organizing a session "RAS CURRENT APPLICATIONS & FUTURE CHALLENGES" in RAStech this year. The session is inviting company leaders, researchers, system suppliers, and consultants to meet some prominent technology leaders and developers to gain an overall understanding of system impediments and opportunities for improvement, and how these developments can assist in a positive way.Register to the event here Read More

New AES sponsor February 3, 2022

Aquatic enterprises is the new sponsor for AESContact information: Read More

Upcoming AES webinar November 24, 2021

Our next webinar will be organized 15th of Dec at 11:00 am EST/5:00 pm CETSpeaker: Arve Nilsen, DVM, PhDTitle: “Going all the way – from post-smolt to harvest size in floating enclosure systems”Members will receive zoom link 2 hours before, no need to register! Read More

AES awards 2020 May 20, 2021

AES Awards 2020 Award of excellence: Prof. Dr. Jaap van Rijn  Best paper award:  Superior paper: Davidson et al. (2020). Depuration system flushing rate affects geosmin removal from market-size Atlantic salmon Salmo salar  Honourable mention papers: Hüpeden et al. (2020). Taxonomic and functional profiling of nitrifying biofilms in freshwater, brackish and marine RAS biofilters.  Nilsen et al. (2020). A closer look at closed cages: Growth and mortality rates during production of post-smolt Atlantic salmon in marine closed confinement systems. Read More

Webinar: Down the rabbit hole- unravelling H2S in RAS 8th Jun May 20, 2021

Down the rabbit hole- unravelling H2S in RAS Dr. Sanni Aalto and Dr. Carlos Letelier-Gordo, DTU Aqua In the webinar, Dr. Aalto and Dr. Letelier-Gordo will present results on H2S production dynamics and microbiology gained in the laboratory experiments under different salinities, carbon sources, carbon to sulfate ratios and in different marine RAS compartments (fish organic waste, water, and bioelements) The webinar is only for members. Register now and you will get access to webinars and member area! The final deadline for registration is 7th June 17:30. Members will receive… Read More

New solutions on H2S challenges in RAS plant May 29, 2020

In connection with the use of RAS technology has the aquaculture industry experienced that seawater addition in a number of cases has resulted formation of toxic hydrogen sulfide (H2S) with subsequent acute, often total fish death. In the project, "Aquasulfate" one examines whether use of membrane filtration technology to reduce sulfate levels in the intake water (seawater intake) to a minimum can be a solution that both reduces the risk of H2S formation and at the same time ensuring good fish welfare. The theme is also illuminated in one post… Read More

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