About AES

The vision of Aquaculture Engineering Society (AES) is to support the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry to meet the growing worldwide demand for seafood, by promoting the development, sharing, and application of scientific knowledge and experience.

The AES has the following primary objectives:

  • To promote the science and art of aquacultural engineering
  • To promote the transfer of technology into practice and encourage original research
  • To develop and advance standards associated with the practice of aquacultural engineering
  • To promote the development, education, and career advancement of the diverse community of aquaculture engineers

The AES engages in the following activities to meet our objectives:

  • AES brings its members together to discuss engineering issues related to aquaculture.
  • AES serves as a united voice for aquacultural engineering community and provides an engineering perspective and solutions to the problems.
  • AES serves as an authoritative source of information on aquacultural engineering and provides engineering support to initiatives from or for the aquaculture industry.
  • AES works closely with other professional societies that address aquaculture needs and issues in a more general sense.
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